Privacy Policy


Silver Bullet Marketing Ltd takes data protection seriously and will only collect data with permission from the recipient and as a way of communicating relevant information to that person. Silver Bullet Marketing is a fully integrated marketing agency that is up to date with the latest regulations and policies as set out by law.

Any data collected by Silver Bullet Marketing will be appropriate to the specific person. For instance enquiries and marketing will require such data as a name, email address, telephone number or any other relevant information to that specific person. For clients and suppliers, billing information will be necessary to store and will be kept in a secure place which will only be accessed by the appropriate people.

We are legally processing any data we store to be compliant with current regulations. All data we hold is for the purpose of marketing, enquiries, business suppliers or for those with relevant communications to the company. The legal basis for holding any data is due to holding a range of personal information that needs to be stored and processed correctly.

The majority of the data Silver Bullet holds will not be shared to any third parties, as it is for the purpose of the company alone. However, if any data is shared with third parties it will be in the best interest of the person whose information it is or because it has been requested. It is the responsibility of any third party in contact with Silver Bullet Marketing to securely store and process data they hold.

Silver Bullet Marketing holds such information because the person has contacted the company for various reasons. Other data could be for the purpose of marketing either for ourselves or for our clients. All data being processed for the purpose of this information will be done lawfully and with data regulations in mind. Data we hold will also be used as a way to contact suppliers and clients when appropriate.

Any data Silver Bullet Marketing holds will be for the appropriate time in cohesion with the reason for holding the data in the first place. If Silver Bullet uses data for marketing campaigns, then that data will be removed off the mailing list when those campaigns come to an end or are no longer relevant. Data provided by suppliers, clients and enquiries will be held for the period of time necessary or until someone requests that data to be deleted, which is the right of any person.

Personal data is exactly that, personal. Anyone who does not want his or her data held by Silver Bullet Marketing has the right to request it to be deleted at any time. Similarly, it is the right of the data subject to state to the processor the reasons why they can use their data and for how long. Silver Bullet has a right to process data that is being held by the company and has had consent to do so. Anyone on our mailing list who does not unsubscribe is assumed to be happy with Silver Bullet storing their personal data and therefore can be contacted when appropriate.

The data subject can raise a compliant with Silver Bullet Marketing directly if they are unhappy with their data being stored or they want to request it to be removed from the mailing list. The data subject can also raise issues of materials being sent which are not of legitimate interest to them. Silver Bullet's website holds all relevant contact information for a subject to get in touch with the company if necessary.


We are committed to making sure your information is secure. Any information we gather and hold from our website will be stored securely and will not be used or passed on without the users permission.

Links to other websites

Our website may hold links to other websites which direct you to leave our site, once you have left our site we have no control over those other websites. Therefore, we are not responsible for any privacy or security of your details. It is important to be cautious on websites you are looking at and look at privacy policies relevant to each site.

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