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06 Apr

chatbot, AI, Facebook chat, artificial intelligence

What is a Chatbot and what are they used for?

Ask Silver Bullet April 2018 The word chatbot could be an alien term to many of you, but this growing form of marketing was actually...

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07 Mar

influencer marketing, mega influencer, micro influencer, macro influencer, ask sb, march

I read about influencer marketing, but what exactly is it?

Ask Silver Bullet March 2018 Influencer marketing is an effective and increasingly popular type of marketing which essentially refers...

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05 Feb

video marketing, video, video advertising, video testimonials, social media video

Why is video marketing so powerful?

Ask Silver Bullet February 2018 Over recent years video marketing has developed to become one of the most influential marketing tools...

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23 Jan

Brushing Up The Claude Monique

Brushing Up The Claude Monique

Our client, Jarrow-based Wescott Coatings, has played its part in Sunderland’s new Northern Spire bridge project by carrying out mainte...

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04 Jan

2018 media trends, video marketing, internet shopping, social media trends, artificial intelligence, media trends, trending, digital trends

Media trends expected in 2018

Top four media trends to look out for Technology is constantly developing at an intense rate and companies are competing to keep up-to...

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03 Jan

bungalows, layout, bungalow layout, Houghton Le Spring, housing scheme

Houghton Bungalows designed to adapt to changing needs

Our client, JDDK, are working on a new project. Construction work has begun at Houghton Le Spring on an innovative housing scheme...

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03 Jan

GDPR, marketing, ask silver bullet, padlock, EU, EU regulations

What does GDPR mean for marketing?

Ask Silver Bullet January 2018 With the fear of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in May 2018, ...

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