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16 Aug

Silver Bullet are Hiring: We are looking for a Superstar

Silver Bullet are Hiring: We are looking for a Superstar

Silver Bullet is a full service agency established in 1999 and trading from our own premises in the Ouseburn Valley. We haven’t recr...

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02 Aug

burberry, brand dilution, tartan, ask sb, ask, silver bullet, question, checks, brand, luxury brand

What is meant by ‘brand dilution’?

Ask Silver Bullet - August 2018 Brand dilution occurs when a brand is overused through extending into other markets, price-cutting or ...

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19 Jul


Gillie & Blair Recruit for Growth

GT Gillie & Blair Ltd, one of the North East’s longest established and most respected shipping companies is recruiting further staf...

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18 Jul

McGarry & Co Solicitors

New Solicitor Boosts McGarry Team

Louise Gudgin has joined expanding North Yorkshire and Cumbria legal practice, McGarry and Co, as an additional full time solicitor bas...

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11 Jul

quick wins, campaigns, marketing, PPC, marketing techniques, scrabble, word games, blue, july

Are ‘Quick Wins’ more effective than a longer planned campaign when marketing?

Ask Silver Bullet July 2018 With ever increasing pressure on marketing managers and agencies to deliver rapid results with restricted...

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12 Jun

creative burst, star, flash, burst, creativity, silver bullet

Creative Burst

Inject some serious professional creativity into your next project with our Creative Burst offer. Our design team are offering a fre...

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06 Jun

ice cream, added value, cone, flake, hundreds and thousands, business

What is added value in business?

Ask Silver Bullet May 2018 The concept of added value is, from a purchaser’s point of view, how to acquire more products or services ...

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29 May

Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Ouseburn, Ouseburn Valley, Ouseburn Farm, Victoria Tunnel, Seven Stories, Ernest Cafe, Arch 2, The Ship Inn, Tyne Bar, The Cumberland Arms, The Free Trade Inn, The Biscuit Factory, Creative Talent, Guide, family fun, social

A quick guide to the outstanding Ouseburn Valley

Newcastle’s Ouseburn Valley is not a very big area in the city, yet is packed with some fun, quirky and unique places which would be diff...

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28 May

film, movies, cinema, film remakes, cinema seats, red, Beatrix Potter, Walt Disney, A.A.Milne

Modern life is leading to film remakes

Over time, film cultures have changed due to the advancement of technology and sheer volume of blockbusters. Film remakes are becoming po...

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24 May

ievo Release Biometric Fingerprint Readers as BIM Objects

ievo Release Biometric Fingerprint Readers as BIM Objects

ievo Ltd, the Newcastle-based manufacturer of biometric authentication technology, have worked with NBS to produce a comprehensive rang...

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16 May

Bilfinger Tebodin Offers Industry a Digital Future

Bilfinger Tebodin Offers Industry a Digital Future

Bilfinger Tebodin, the global consulting and engineering firm, is offering clients the very latest in digital technology to design both...

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09 May

GPG, gender pay gap, statistics, gender, male pay, employees, ratio, pink, purple

How can we use Gender Pay Gap figures for marketing?

Ask Silver Bullet May 2018 By the time this article sees the light of day, all companies employing more than 250 people are meant to ...

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06 Apr

chatbot, AI, Facebook chat, artificial intelligence

What is a Chatbot and what are they used for?

Ask Silver Bullet April 2018 The word chatbot could be an alien term to many of you, but this growing form of marketing was actually...

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07 Mar

influencer marketing, mega influencer, micro influencer, macro influencer, ask sb, march

I read about influencer marketing, but what exactly is it?

Ask Silver Bullet March 2018 Influencer marketing is an effective and increasingly popular type of marketing which essentially refers...

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05 Mar

fashion, spring fashion, summer fashion, girl, fashionista, spring, summer, 2018, fashion 2018, popular trends

Fashion 2018: Popular trends for spring/summer

Birds tweeting, flowers growing and current fashion trends being thrown away can only mean one thing - spring is on its way, along with n...

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05 Feb

video marketing, video, video advertising, video testimonials, social media video

Why is video marketing so powerful?

Ask Silver Bullet February 2018 Over recent years video marketing has developed to become one of the most influential marketing tools...

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01 Feb

resolutions, diary, diets, love, exercise, dry January

When reality overtakes resolutions

Common resolutions that are tried, tested and abandoned. It’s always the same when a New Year hits, resolutions are made and motivati...

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23 Jan

Brushing Up The Claude Monique

Brushing Up The Claude Monique

Our client, Jarrow-based Wescott Coatings, has played its part in Sunderland’s new Northern Spire bridge project by carrying out maintena...

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04 Jan

2018 media trends, video marketing, internet shopping, social media trends, artificial intelligence, media trends, trending, digital trends

Media trends expected in 2018

Top four media trends to look out for Technology is constantly developing at an intense rate and companies are competing to keep up-to...

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03 Jan

bungalows, layout, bungalow layout, Houghton Le Spring, housing scheme

Houghton Bungalows designed to adapt to changing needs

Our client, JDDK, are working on a new project. Construction work has begun at Houghton Le Spring on an innovative housing scheme d...

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03 Jan

GDPR, marketing, ask silver bullet, padlock, EU, EU regulations

What does GDPR mean for marketing?

Ask Silver Bullet January 2018 With the fear of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in May 2018, bu...

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