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06 Nov

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When considering business marketing, why is graphic design important?

Ask Silver Bullet November 2017

Successfully marketing any business service or product necessitates the creation of the right look to portray the perfect message. Professional graphic design is vital when marketing a company and can be the difference between success and failure whilst addressing specific graphic design requirements is important in order to creating a unique identity and brand recognition.

What is Graphic Design

Graphic design is visual communication. It can be used as a way of providing information, brand recognition or identity - whether this is due to designing a logo and website or displaying ideas through infographics. The job of a graphic designer is to produce a memorable creation, which hopefully leaves an impression. The art form can include drawings, imagery, writing, etc. all of which create an awareness of a product or service. 

Graphic design is important because first impressions are vital, not only does graphic design have the power to piece together all aspects of a business, but it also delivers professionalism. How something is designed is crucial to its success - if a website is created with suitable colours and simple navigation it indicates efficiency. A good graphic and web design can differentiate you from your competitor, whilst poor graphic design not only stands out but also reflects on the quality of the service or product it is intended to market.

Graphic Design Art

Designing anything requires an attitude of creating art which connects with people, stirring an emotional response to generate a positive reaction towards a brand. To a certain extent, graphic design is sometimes undervalued with new websites offering downloadable templates and free graphics. Of course downloading some graphics to ‘fit’ a company is a cheaper alternative to hiring a professional designer, however the truth is that hundreds of businesses across the country will be using the same graphics, and all probably regretting their decision.

In a business environment, it is important that original graphic art is created from a specific brief derived from the needs and aspirations of a client in order to gain a genuine connection with their customers. Without this, authenticity is weakened and a company is branded with a generic design that has already been used on a variety of different organisations.

Alternatively, the job of graphic designing is to give a client not what they asked for but to bring to the table what they never knew they could have. Designers have the ability to excite, inspire and delight an audience by creating a unique visual style that applies specifically to your business. The whole point of a business is to break the mould becoming exclusive and innovative.

Careers in Design

Delving in to the minds of a graphic designer is valuable when considering why is graphic design important; after all they are the brains behind the beauty.

Silver Bullet’s Creative Director, Gemma Waller, commented, “Graphic designers are passionate people who love what they do and are able to inject that energy into a project with the luxury of not being involved in any internal politics a business may have. Investing in graphic design shows that you take pride in your product or service and that it deserves a high standard of communication. This pride will instill confidence and people will feel they are making the right choice in choosing you.”

“To produce something different from the pack and be recognised as such is a great achievement and immediately differentiates your product or service from the competition. If people are talking about your product or service because they have seen a memorable graphic then that has been a smart investment and you will reap the rewards of your efforts.” 

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