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07 Jan

Going Great Guns on Day Out

Going Great Guns on Day Out

At Silver Bullet, we don't always go the obvious route. Our Christmas 'do' doesn't involve the usual party hats, cheesy songs and meat and two veg. For us we like to think outside the box, and most importantly of all, have bags of fun. Which is why on December the 22nd we didn't put on our prettiest frocks, go down to the pre-booked meal and spend all afternoon clock watching. No, we donned our wellies and thickest coats and headed to the high hills of Durham for an afternoon of clay pigeon shooting and quad biking.

Yes, we were a little bit mad to be shooting inanimate objects and flying around on quad bikes in 2-foot high snow and sub zero temperatures, but boy did we enjoy ourselves.

Notable moments from the day included the three-way tie in the Clay Pigeon Shooting competition, with John, Neil and Jim, Vic's amazing hit of two clays with just one bullet and John's Die Hard inspired fall and roll from a wayward quad.

Special thanks go to the guys from Fury Events, for making the day truly memorable. www.furyevents.co.uk

So, next time you're looking for a 'creative' agency, consider what you want from them. Do you want someone who sticks to the traditions and follows the crowd, or someone who is willing to go off road.

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