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25 Mar

Coronavirus Update - A Note To Our Clients

Coronavirus Update - A Note To Our Clients

Silver Bullet Marketing remains open for business through this difficult time. We have altered our pattern of working to look after both our colleagues and our clients and continue to provide the professional marketing service we have been supplying since our formation in 1999.

In truth, it has been easier for ourselves than many of our clients – the incredible advances in IT technology have meant we were already capable of working from home with some disciplines such as design and digital often carried out remotely. What may be missing is the incredible creativity that spontaneous discussions within such an experienced team provided but we all keep in touch constantly to progress our various campaigns and bounce ideas off each other before implementing them for our valued clients. 

Our office in Ouseburn is still manned most of the working day at present but queries and questions will be dealt with more quickly if these could come via email whenever possible.

We firmly believe that those organisations that can demonstrate not only their resilience and robustness, but also their humanity, throughout this period will be the ones that prosper in the long term. We are here to support our clients through the challenges we will all face in the weeks and months ahead.

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